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Kristi J Stout
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
University of Illinois Extension
502 Oakley Lane
Mounds, IL 62964
Phone: 618-559-3384
FAX: 618-745-5201

Vickie Taylor
Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development - Johnson/Massac Counties
University of Illinois Extension
1438 W. 10th Street
Metropolis, IL 62960
Phone: 618-524-2270
FAX: 618-524-3948

Dena Wood
Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development - Alexander/Pulaski/Union
University of Illinois Extension
502 Oakley Lane
Mounds, IL 62964
Phone: 618-745-5200
FAX: 618-745-5201

Robin Mizell
Extension Program Coordinator, 4-H
University of Illinois Extension
P.O. Box 158
208 E. Main
Vienna, IL 62995
Phone: 618-658-5321
FAX: 618-658-2028

Brenda Chamness
Office Support Assistant - Union County
University of Illinois Extension
515 E Vienna St., Suite G
PO Box 604
Anna, IL 62906
Phone: 618-833-6363
FAX: 618-833-6304

4-H & Youth Development

4-H & Youth Development

4-H Expansion and Review Committees

Purpose:  To expand the opportunities to all youth and volunteers in the Extension Unit. One-third of committee should be youth and committee should be representative of the county population.

Success Criteria:  4-H programs will be available to and reach all segments of the Unit's youth population.


•   Help the Extension Unit identify underserved areas of population
•   Review 4-H enrollment trends
•   Compare participant data with census and school enrollments
•   Assess programs offered and their appeal to underserved segments of youth population
•   Assist Extension in developing long-term 4-H expansion goals
•   Identify and target geographic areas or segments of the youth population that are under represented (age, gender, racial/ethnic groups, economic groups)
•   Recommend communities to target for expansion efforts
•   Suggest programs that will attract under represented youth
•   Propose priority needs to be addressed
•   Work with Extension to create action plans to reach new volunteers and members
•   Develop a marketing plan to secure volunteer leadership and attract youth in targeted areas
•   Design processes to organize and support new groups
•   Define roles for volunteers in recruiting of members and leaders, organizing new groups and supporting new leaders and clubs
•   Assist in carrying out the action plans
•   Review progress and revise priorities

Time Required:  Up to four committee meetings per year. Additional time varies with the activities taken on by the committee.

Target Dates:  Peak time for data gathering, review and priority setting is August to October.  Peak times for recruitment and new group formation are September to November and January to March.

Resources Available: 

  • Expansion and Review Committee Guide
  • 4-H Enrollment Reports
  • Census Data
  • Market Analysis for 4-H Youth Programs

Training Opportunities: Expansion and Review Committee Training

 For Questions, Contact: Kristi Stout, Unit 4-H Youth Development Educator at 618-745-5200 or Jody Johnson Multi-County – Director at 618-658-5321.