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University of Illinois Extension serving Alexander, Johnson, Massac, Pulaski and Union Counties

Johnson County
P.O. Box 158
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Vienna, IL 62995
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FAX: 618-658-2028

8364 Shawnee College Rd
Ullin, IL

Massac County
1438 W. 10th Street
Metropolis, IL 62960
Phone: 618-524-2270
FAX: 618-524-3948

Pulaski/Alexander Counties
502 Oakley Lane
Mounds, IL 62964
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Union County
515 E Vienna St., Suite G
PO Box 604
Anna, IL 62906
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Volunteering with University of Illinois Extension

Volunteer: Make the Difference!

Through local partnerships and connections to the vast resources of the University of Illinois, U of I Extension helps people and communities meet their most pressing needs. Extension educational programs are offered in four broad areas: 4-H Youth Development; Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences; Community and Economic Development; and Agriculture, Horticulture and Natural Resources. The programs offered are as diverse as the people of Illinois.

Our mission is to 'Help You Put Knowledge to Work.' The contributions of the volunteers are essential to the achievement of this mission. Learn how you can help others with the knowledge and experiences gained from Extension education. To be considered for a role, please contact the Extension Office.

Volunteer opportunities with our office include:

  • 4-H Youth Program
         4-H is a voluntary, informal educational program for boys and girls ages 8-18.

In 4-H, kids and adults spend time together, learning new skills, developing hidden talents, making new friends and having fun.

The goal of 4-H is to help kids develop as individuals and as responsible productive citizens in their communities. Adult volunteers who spend time with 4-H kids are key in this process. They form the foundation on which productive citizens are made.

Without volunteers, the 4-H youth development program would be hard to implement for Extension staff.

Here are a few reasons to consider becoming a 4-H volunteer today.

      • Sharing your talents. You have a lot to give. After all, you have years of life experiences. Now's your chance to share your knowledge and talents with young people, our future leaders.
      • Experiences you'll never forget. You'll be able to meet new people and travel to interesting places. 4-H volunteers have many opportunities to attend conferences, get training and learn new skills.
      • Flexibility to fit your interests. Do you like birdwatching, cooking, gardening, visual arts, electricity, woodworking, computers, or working with animals? There are many interesting projects and fun things to do as part of 4-H. It's not just a program for farm kids. You can have fun with kids, and learn right along with them.
      • Pride in learning. Imagine a young person's satisfaction at learning a new skill, at doing a job well. Imagine your own satisfaction at watching a young person blossom. You can help our young people as they gain self-esteem – an essential ingredient for happy productive citizens.

  • Extension Unit Council
    The council is responsible for assisting staff with the planning and coordination of University of Illinois Extension programs.
  • Master Gardener Program
    Master Gardeners are volunteers trained by Extension Educators to educate the public and enhance their communities through horticulture.
  • Master Naturalist Program
    Master Naturalists are volunteers trained by Extension Educators to provide science-based educational opportunities that connect people with nature and help them become engaged environmental stewards
  • Special Projects
    Volunteers are needed to assist with specific projects.