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Training Classes

Training classes will show you how to use AMM's hands-on, experiential approach to encourage participant learning learn through discussion, games, case examples, demonstrations, and by applying the information to their everyday lives.

Training classes are offered regionally around Illinois.

Trainings are two full days. Trainees will learn about financial management and develop facilitation skills as they experience each of the eight lessons in the curriculum. Certificates of completion will be awarded to those attending the entire training.

Registration for training classes includes:

  • The curriculum package: flash drive with all files in PDF format and the Resource Box containing re-usable materials for activities such as game cards, play money, puzzle pieces, category cards, and beads, as well as reproducible items that are given to participants, such as the Take Charge Card wallet card. (The Curriculum Package sells separately for $150 when not included with a training.)
  • A hard copy of the complete curriculum in a 3-ring binder.
  • Two days of instruction with one of the authors of the curriculum.

For most locations, the training fee is $230. Trainings that provide lunch may be slightly higher.

A second person from the same organization can share a copy of the curriculum with the first registrant and pay a reduced training fee of $115.

For a list of upcoming training classes and to register, go to AMM Training Opportunities.