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Hatching Concern

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From: Vicki Schacht
East Aurora, IL
I am concerned that none of my eggs hatched. I picked up 2 dozen for my class and 2 dozen for Mrs. O'Briens class. She had about a dozen hatch. We did all the same things. I have documented my turning times, temp., humidity, etc. The only difference I can think of is I used a circulated air incubator and she used a still air one. I let 2 of my students crack open an egg at the end of the day to investigate and they were both yellow yolk, one we noticed what looked like an eye, but nothing else in either? I am wondering what might have gone wrong in your opinion? Do you feel that I should have my kids open all of the eggs to investigate? Any suggestions? Thank you.

Extension Message
From: Ken Koelkebeck
Extension Specialist, Poultry
Department of Animal Sciences

Sounds like you have done the correct things. Seems like some embryos may have died early on in the incubation period. That would most likely be due as a result of a spike in temperature. Maybe that happened overnight at some point and the next day the temp was O.K. Still it is difficult to really know what happened. If you can wait until Friday or so, then have your students crack open the eggs and determine their development. That may give you a hint of what actually happened. We're sorry that this happened.

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