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Question about hatch

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From: Christine Zelman
West Aurora, IL
My chicks are hatching and this is my third year doing this. I have had really good results in the past. This year I seem to be having some difficulty. My hatch numbers are not as good as years past and when they are ready to move out of the incubator they die very soon after being moved. Wondering if anyone has contacted with any of the same issues or if you might have any ideas on what might be happening to them. Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks.

Extension Message
From: Ken Koelkebeck
Extension Specialist, Poultry
Department of Animal Sciences

Nobody else has contacted me this year about this problem. Make sure when you move them out of the incubator that the chick are fully dried off. If not, they might be getting chilled in the brooder box. Other than that you might make sure they know where the feed and water are in the brooder box. Dip their beak in the water, then the feed and back in the water. That might help. I hope this helps somewhat.

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