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chick survival!!

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From: Diana Wilkie
Aurora, IL
My hatch started Tuesday morning and continued throughout the day on Wed. One egg started to crack last night and the chick is still in the egg. It has been a VERY slow process for him. The hole has gotten bigger very slowly and he is breathing, but seems very weak. Is there anything I should do for him to help? Or do I need to leave him alone? What do I do if he dies or if he is still like that in the morning?!? My little students are waiting for him and I am trying to avoid any trauma. I am worried.

Extension Message
From: Ken Koelkebeck
Extension Specialist, Poultry
Department of Animal Sciences

Perhaps you have taken care of this already? If the chick does not get out on its' own, then it is not strong enough to. You should just leave it.

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