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maple tree disease

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From: Fred Tucker
Wyoming, IL
I'm pretty sure that I'm have a problem with Maple wilt. I have a large established tree that I saw the leaf spots on couple seasons ago, this tree is now in bad shape and suspect it must come down. I have another maple next to it shows no signs of infection. My worry is a younger tree that I planted in the front yard maybe 6 years ago, I dont see any spots on it but the tree is starting to look thinner in foilage and the new growth of leaves on the ends of the branches look yellow, wilted and some browning on the leaf eadges... I'd hate to loose this tree. any ideas?

Extension Message
From: Brenda Dahlfors
Program Coordinator, Horticulture
Lake/McHenry Unit
Hi, Fred! I think you are best off bringing a sample in to your local office, so they can look for some of the other symptoms of verticillium wilt. With the weather we've had so far this season, it could be ANYTHING! Call Tracy Jo Mulliken, 309-756-9978, and ask her the when, where, and how big. You might also bring her some photos of both trees - close up and far away, to help her assess what is happening. Good luck!

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