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inc temp difference dry to wet

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From: mary Lee
St Charles, IL
Dr. Koelkebeck,In general is there a a degree or two difference between an empty dry incubator and an incubator with wet cells? I'm trying to set the temp on incubators and finding 1-2 degree difference. The dome incubators are very touchy to set so I'm trying to prevent the teachers from playing with the thermostat. Should I set the temp with the wet environment or dry. I test the incubators for 29 kindergarten classes. In the past I don't remember having to change the thermostat.I

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From: Ken Koelkebeck
Extension Specialist, Poultry
Department of Animal Sciences

There should be a temp diff. between dry and wet incubator. You should adjust the temp. with water in it, but no eggs yet. If you trust the thermostat it doesn't need to be changed and should be fine. I think they will be O.K. Ken

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