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Aggressive Male Robin/Nest

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From: Liz Konczal
Wauconda, IL
Robins have built a nest under our deck which comes off our 2nd floor. Today when we were in our back yard on the lower level, the male robin dive bombed us repeatedly. I understand he is defending/protecting his nest/eggs/mate and I don't want to disturb the nest. We come in peace!

How long will this aggressive behavior last and when will it be safe to go in our backyard? We have a 2 year old son and would like to be able to go out and safely play on the swing set and in his pool etc.

I have no way of knowing exactly when eggs were laid or if/when they have or will hatch.

Also, once the babies have left the nest, is it okay to remove the nest? If we come across nests in the future near areas where we are active, is it okay to remove them as long as there aren't eggs in them? (Trying to avoid this problem in the future.)

Thank you! Liz

Extension Message
From: Laura Kammin
Visiting Extension Specialist, Pollution Prevention
Extension-Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
The eggs will be incubated for about two weeks before they hatch. Then the nestlings will stay in the nest for approximately another two weeks before they fledge from the nest. So you potentially will get to experience his over zealous nest defending for up to a month. If you hear cheeping coming from the nest, you've got two weeks or less. The nest is also protected by law. But as long as it has been abandoned by its occupants it would be o.k. to remove it and dispose of it in the trash. Because nests can carry high parasite loads (bird lice, etc.) the birds won't use the same nest twice. And for the same reason, wear gloves when handling the nest and/or wash your hands well with hot soapy water after you've removed the finished nest. Good luck!

From: Elizabeth Hurst
Evanston , IL
Will they return to build a nest in the same spot next year...

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