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Tree Recommendation

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From: Charles Milewski
Champaign, IL
In Feb I had a green ash tree cut down in my back yard and the stump ground out and the hole filled with good dirt. this was the only tree in my back yard which is a trianular shape since I am near a cul-de-sac. The back yard is approx 60 feet long from the back of the house to the back end. The width of wide end of the pie which my house occupies is approx 60 feet. I'd like to replace the tree with another that will be hardy, hard wood, and attractive, and approiate for the area. The old tree was on the right rear of the house approximately 20 feet from the house back wass and 20 feet from the right fence line. A power line is directly above the right fence line which is the right side of the triangular back yard for the neighbors power and cable. A main power pole is in rear of the yard at the pie point and a power line to my home comes from it to my homes rear roof across the center line of triagular yard. It is approx 25ft left of the old tree. Can you suggest some tree varities that would be appropriate. It doesn't have to be a fast growing tree and I would like it to provide some shade. My email is cmil2150@msn.com. My work email is cmilewski@medapharm.us.

Thank You,


Extension Message
From: Kathy Mullins
Program Coordinator, 4-H SPIN - Champaign County
Champaign/Ford/Iroquois/Vermilion Unit
Chuck, Thanks for your question. I have forwarded your Tree Recommendation request to our Hortuculture Educator -Sandra Mason. You should be receiving a response from her within the next few days. Let me share Sandy's email for future questions. slmason@illinois.edu Thanks Kathy

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