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What a Difference a Couple of Days Make!

Posted by Robert Bellm -

It's hard to believe that last Friday morning soil conditions were so dry that some growers were considering putting a stop to planting. Three days, and 3+ inches of rain later, Mother Nature has put her own "stop" on planting progress and seedlings that haven't emerged need scuba gear! Hopefully a couple of sunny days along with breezy conditions will dry the soil enough to keep seeds from rotting in the ground.

With much of the wheat in the south either rapidly approaching or at pollination, the return to wetter conditions increases the concern about fusarium head blight (scab) potential. A useful decision aid tool can be found on the Wheat Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center, hosted by Penn State University. The Risk Assessment Tool uses data from weather stations throughout the eastern U.S. to rank the probabilities for head scab potential.

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