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Montgomery County Corn Yield Survey

Posted by Robert Bellm -

After a good deal of discussion both pro and con, volunteers decided to once again conduct the annual Montgomery County corn yield survey. As one might expect in a year like this, the county average yield estimate was down considerably from previous years, at 83 bushels/acre. Also as one might expect, yield variability was extreme from field-to-field and from township-to-township.

The variation from field-to-field ranged from 0 to 192 bushels/acre. The variation from township-to-township ranged from 24 to 146 bushels/acre. The most obvious differences were between the darker prairie soils in the northern part of the county, as compared to the lighter timber soils in the southern part. The ears pictured above were a random selection from several of the fields surveyed, and again point out the amount of variability that was observed.

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