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Harvest Begins at the Research Center

Posted by Robert Bellm -

The title of today's column is true. I wish that it wasn't.

After careful evaluation, and considerable time spent looking for ears in the field, we have decided to destroy around half of the corn acreage planted on the Center this spring. The picture above shows exactly how the "harvesting" is being accomplished. This is the same field that was flooded soon after planting back around April 17th, and finally started to emerge around April 27th.

There is an old sayaing in southern Illinois that goes, "No matter how wet things might be, you are never more than a week away from a drought." This summer has certainly proven true in that regard. On a brighter note, thanks to a couple of timely showers, soybeans have managed to set a fair number of pods. Hopefully they will also manage to fill sufficiently to be harvested in the conventional manner!

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