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Melinda Charbonneau
Program Coordinator, Ag in the Classroom
University of Illinois Extension
421 W Pines Rd, Ste 10
Oregon, IL 61061
Phone: 815-732-2191
FAX: 815-732-4007

Ag In The Classroom

Ag In The Classroom

Ag in the Classroom Programs (K-3)

The following programs are each 30 minutes long. If you are interested in any of the following programs, please contact Melinda at (815) 732-2191 or

Apples: From Seed to Tree
Students will find out about apples, trees, and how they change through the seasons. Students will make an apple chain demonstrating the cycle. 2nd Grade: Students will learn about the parts of the apple blossom and how the flower becomes an apple.

Students will discover the pumpkin cycle and various types of pumpkins. They will make a craft to take home to share the pumpkin cycle with their families.

Gifts of Gold
Students will learn about different kinds of corn, the parts of a corn plant, and the many products that corn is found in. Younger grade levels will make an ear of corn by finger painting on the kernels. Older students will put together a corn stalk labeling the parts.

Soybean! Soybean! Where Did You Go?
Students will discover the many uses of soybeans, how they grow, and how they are harvested. Students will make a Soy Mobile to represent the many uses of soybeans.

Terrific Turkeys
Students will learn about turkeys and make a turkey with fun facts that they can take home and share with their families.

Students will discover their Thanksgiving meal does not just come from the grocery store. As a Thanksgiving treat they will make Pumpkin Pie.

Christmas Trees
Students will gain a better understanding of the work that goes into Christmas Trees. They will get to feel and smell various types and make a craft.

The Very Hungry Illinois Caterpillar
During this program students will learn about crops here in Illinois and will make their very own book. Time: 1 hour.

The Wheat We Eat
Students will examine the parts of a wheat stalk, harvest the wheat, and grind it up to discover how flour is made. 30 minutes. NEW: Bread making program-students will work with a partner to mix up their dough in a bag. After the dough is split, each student kneads their dough and make their own loaves. Loaves will be baked and returned to students the next day. Bread making is a 90 minute program and there is a $3/student fee to cover the costs of supplies.

Cotton: From Field to Fabric
Students will learn how cotton is grown and processed. Each student will receive their own cotton boll to gin.

Pyramid Mobile
Through discussion and making a pyramid mobile students will be able to distinguish between food groups and what food items belong in each group.

Milk on the Moo-ve
Students will increase their knowledge of dairy cows through Gail Gibbon's book, The Milk Makers. Once they have learned about dairy cows, students will make butter.

Pig Tales
Students will learn about hog farms and realize they are not just raised for their meat. Students will make their own pig feed sack.

Beautiful Bovine
As we discuss the features of beef cows, one student will dress the part. Then they will play Beefo Bingo to discover the many uses of beef animals.

Wiggly Worms
Worms play an important role in improving our top soil. Students will learn about worms and make their own worm bin complete with worms that they can take home.