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Ag In The Classroom

Ag In The Classroom

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  • Food Machine
    Over the past century, an American industrial revolution has given rise to the biggest, most productive food machine the world has ever known. In this episode, host Yul Kwon explores how this machine feeds nearly 300 million Americans every day. He discovers engineering marvels we've created by putting nature to work and takes a look at the costs of our insatiable appetite on our health and environment. For the first time in human history, less than 2% of the population can feed the other 98%. Yul embarks on a trip that begins with a pizza delivery route in New York City then goes across country to California's Central Valley, where nearly 50% of America's fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown and skydives into the heartland for an aerial look of our farmlands. He meets the men and women who keep us fed 365 days a year–everyone from industrial to urban farmers, crop dusting pilots to long distance bee truckers, modern day cowboys to the pizza deliveryman.

  • How is it Made: Corn Tortillas
    Find out how corn tortillas are mass produced in factories, starting with Grade A corn that is dehusked, removed from the cob, and stored in huge steel silos.

  • Pod to Plate
    Follow host Barry Cloyd as he travels to different locations around the state to discover how soybeans go from a tiny seed to your dinner plate and beyond. This series allows viewers to see how soybeans are grown, transported, processed and more!

  • The Good Egg Project
    Your students will explore the concept of Farm-to-Table to understand the production process of fresh foods and learn how eggs make their way to their breakfast plates.