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Dirt Under Your Nails

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Backyard Chicken How-to Videos!

I spent a morning with some IT/videographer colleagues a few weeks back, and we have pulled together a series of five short instructional videos on how to get started raising backyard chickens!  These videos talk about:...

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Information Resources for Raising Sheep and Goats

Have you ever considering getting into the sheep and goat business?  Well, one thing's for sure, you'll never have to go into your decision uninformed!  The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (commonly known as ATTRA), has just pulled together an extensive compilation of resources for those who are looki...

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Pilot crop insurance program for specialty crops and diversified farms

You probably already know that most conventional farmers purchase crop insurance to manage the risk that they face in planting and growing a crop each year...especially things like drought, flood, hail, and devastating pests or pathogens.  They have many policies and products to choose fr...

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