Black History Month

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Black History

Articles, CD-ROMs, books and online activities

Celebrating African American History Month
Activities and resources to help you encourage students to explore the history of African Americans, to learn their struggles, to celebrate their successes and participate in their ongoing efforts.

Relevant Links to African American Studies
A series of links from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Black History Month
Explore the many contributions of African-Americans.

Black History Exploring African-American Issues on the Web
Six Web sites were created as models to suggest ways to integrate the World Wide Web and videoconferencing into classroom learning.

Black History Month All Year Long
From Educational Cyber Playground – Activities and classroom resources to make Black History a year round project.

A Black History Treasure Hunt!
Send students on a Black History scavenger hunt! Students can learn about famous black Americans while polishing their Internet surfing skills. Four different “hunts” – for students of all ages!

Celebrating Black History

From Family – Teach your kids about the contributions and challenges of African-Americans. These printable books include quizzes, activities, biographical information and more.

Black History Month
Rated site for kids from elementary school through high school.

Black History Month
The Apple Learning Interchange celebrates Black History Month with a variety of specially selected curriculum material.

K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet

The African Studies WWW has a variety of information for teachers of grades K-12. These resources are kept up-to-date in order to provide general and in-depth information about Africa.

Black History on the Internet
Explore the best Black History sites for primary, middle, and high school level students. Activity and lesson ideas included!

Celebrating Black History Month
Information, resources and online activities for secondary school educators.

Change to America’s Journey through Slavery
America’s journey through slavery is presented in four parts. For each era, you’ll find a historical Narrative, a Resource Bank of images, documents, stories, biographies and commentaries and a Teacher’s Guide for using the content of the Web site and television series in U. S. History courses.

Black History Month
Lesson plans, Internet resources, book activities and printouts.

Culture & Change: Black History in America
The project chronicles the history of African Americans from slavery and emancipation to the civil rights movement – including current important figures and their vital contributions to American culture on a large scale. Students will read histories about important individuals, study the civil rights movement and the concept of racism, as well as take part in activities where they can add their own thoughts and feelings about the importance of equality in a democracy. Students will also explore the history of Jazz music with Grammy-award winner Wynton Marsalis on a guided tour with sound. This project is suitable for students from grades 3-8; however, several components include skills that target specific grade ranges.

Black History Calendar
Events that happened this month in Black History!

Facts on the Black/African American Population
From the U. S. Census Bureau. Statistics on population and socio-economic characteristics.

Celebrating Black History on the Web
University of Colorado site with almanacs, biographies, demographics, history, literature and online exhibits.

Black History Month February 2004
A database of Black History from

Internet African History Sourcebook
Many historical sources on the history of human societies in the continent of Africa.

The Best of Black History on the Internet!
Hundred of links from Africa to Sports.

African American History

Includes lesson plans, lists, papers and bios of prominent African Americans

Marco Polo Celebrates Black History Month
Would you like to introduce students to leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, the founders of jazz, blues and soul music, the writers of the Harlem Renaissance and other historic figures.

100 Black Men of Chicago
The premier volunteer youth service organization mentoring African American males throughout the greater Chicago area.

Today in Black History

Back History Pages
Welcome to the Black History Pages, a joint effort between 5x5 Media and African Images. My father and I originally created the Pages during the month of February 1996. The premise was simple: visitors to the site would be treated to a single, easily digestible piece of black history every day of Black History Month, with links to books and related sites on the Web.

Black History Month Events at Navy Pier
Navy Pier is pleased to present a month-long celebration of Black History during the month of February. Our goal is to create a "unique and inspiring" Black History experience that is not only historical, but a "new" experience that will reflect upon the valued contributions made by African-Americans.

Museum of Science and Industry: Black Creativity for 2007
Introduction to contemporary African-American industrial designers who merge science and style to address day-to-day consumer needs. From sofas to solar panels, their products make life easier, safer and better.

Smithsonian Black History Month

Black History Month teaching resources

The National Register of Historic Places
This site showcases historic properties commemorating the events and people, the designs and achievements that help illustrate African Americans' contributions to American history.

Teacher Vision: Black History Month

Lesson plans, printables and templates

Black History Month Lesson Plans

Why Slavery Came to America: The Margaret Garner Story
The attached K-12 lesson plans and activities were created by the Michigan Opera Theatre's Curriculum Committee. They can be projected in your classroom by using a computer and LCD projector, viewed individually by students in a computer lab or at home, or printed out for individual student viewing. The Activity called Why Slavery Came to America is somewhat animated and will make a good classroom activity if a projector is available.

Facts for Features: Black History Month Release/www/releases/archives/

Facts for Features and Special Editions consist of collections of statistics from the Census Bureau's demographic and economic subject areas intended to commemorate anniversaries or observances or to provide background information for topics in the news.

A Roadmap to African American and Diversity Resources

Black Studies
A wealth of information from New York City Colleges

AOL Black Voices: Black History Month
Black History: Then and Now

Canadian Black Heritage
This web portal contains comprehensive Internet resources which categorizes past, present and future events, people, places and issues about Canadians of African decent.

Black History Month in the United Kingdom

African-American Archaeology, History and Cultures
This web site is designed to provide convenient access to online presentations and resources concerning the subjects of African-American archaeology, history and cultures, and broader subjects of African diaspora archaeology.

National Archives: Black History Month Resources
A wealth of resources, images and timelines from the National Archives.

Tracing the African American Experience
This website is designed as a resource for researching and exploring African American history and culture. You will find that these resources are an amazing, although select, few of online Governmental and Non-governmental documents and images available via the World Wide Web

Teaching With Historic Places: African American History
To celebrate African American History, Teaching with Historic Places is featuring on the Web the following complete lesson plans that consider important aspects of African American history. Created by National Park Service interpreters, preservation professionals, and educators, these lessons are free and ready for immediate classroom use by students in history and social studies classes.