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4-H Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports

Bureau County 4-H Shooting Sports

Bureau County's next event will be Shotgun! The Bureau County 4-H Archery club is open to all youth ages 10-18 as of September 1, 2017.

For details of the cost of this program, please see the program flyer at the bottom of this page. The registration paperwork must be completed and turned in to the University of Illinois Extension, 850 Thompson St, Princeton, along with payment to be fully registered for this program.

To register, or for any questions, please contact University of Illinois Extension at 815-875-2878.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bureau County 4-H Shooting Sports:

1.       What types of 4-H Shooting Sports programs are available in Bureau County?

a.      Currently Bureau County has certified instructors in the areas of archery and shotgun.

b.      Shooting Sports is a 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) Club.  A SPIN Club consists of a group of youth who meet with skilled volunteers six or more times to gain in-depth knowledge of a particular topic.  In Shooting Sports, we will have separate clubs for each area (air rifle, .22 rifle, shotgun, and archery).


2.      Who can participate in 4-H Shooting Sports?

a.      4-H Shooting Sports programs are open to all youth who meet the age requirements for the discipline.  Currently, the ages are as follows:

           i.      Air Rifle and Archery:  ages 8-18 as of September 1, 2017

          ii.      .22 Rifle and Shotgun:  ages 10-18 as of September 1, 2017

b.      Youth may enroll in more than one club each year, as long as they meet the age requirements for each club they wish to participate in.

c.       Youth are not required to be members of a 4-H Community Club to participate, but are welcome to join a Community Club in addition to a 4-H Shooting Sports club. 

d.      Please note that for safety reasons, we must restrict the number of youth who can participate in each club to provide a reasonable instructor/youth ratio.

 3.      Who is in charge of 4-H Shooting Sports clubs?  What training have they received?

a.      Like other 4-H clubs, Shooting Sports is administered through University of Illinois Extension.  The Shooting Sports club is managed at the local level by a team of volunteers.   These volunteers have been screened to ensure the safety of our participants.  In addition, Shooting Sports Coordinators and Certified Instructors have attended a statewide 4-H Shooting Sports volunteer training weekend, led by Extension staff and volunteers who have been certified by the National 4-H Shooting Sports program.

 4.      Where do the Shooting Sports Clubs meet?

a.      4-H Shooting Sports clubs meet at shooting ranges and other areas that allow for these types of activities.  Currently, the archery club will meet near Princeton and the shotgun program will meet near LaMoille.  All sites will be within Bureau County unless an area suitable for that activity is not available in our county.

 5.      How often do  Shooting Sports Clubs meet? 

a.      Each shooting sports club will meet six times, for 1-2 hours per session.  These six sessions will generally be held once weekly for six weeks.  In the case that a holiday falls during the program, that week will most likely be rescheduled for another week at the end of the session.

 6.      Is there a fee to participate in 4-H Shooting Sports?

a.      There are two fees for 4-H Shooting Sports:

           i.      The annual 4-H program fee is required for each youth participating in a 4-H club or group during the year (September 1-August 31).  This fee is $20 per youth, to a maximum of $60 per immediate family.  Each youth is only required to pay this fee ONCE per year, so if you have already paid this fee as part of another 4-H club or group (even if it is in another county) you will not need to pay this fee again for Shooting Sports.

            ii.      Each discipline will also have a equipment/materials fee that covers the cost of the equipment, ammunition, facilities, etc. that are used for Shooting Sports.  This cost will depend on the type of program offered and the equipment required.

 7.      What will I do at a Shooting Sports meeting?

a.      4-H Shooting Sports club meetings will have both time for education and time for shooting.  The education portion may include such topics as safety, overview of equipment, demonstrations of skills, firearms in Illinois, shooting competition rules and procedures, or other related topics. Members may be completing activities in a 4-H project manual for shooting sports during this time.  Shooting time will be structured, and 4-Hers will work with instructors to practice what they have learned and also to work on marksmanship skill development.  Near the end of the club’s meetings, there may also be a competition for club members to test their skills.

8.      Are parents/guardians required to attend the meetings?

a.      It is strongly recommended that parents/guardians attend all meetings with their child and participate in the education portion of each meeting.  This will help you to understand how to work with your child to continue in this area after the program concludes.  Instructors reserve the right to require parents/guardians to attend the meetings based on the educational topics to be presented and/or the behavior of the participants.

9.      Do I need to bring any supplies or equipment to the Shooting Sports program?

a.      All shotgun and rifle members will be asked to provide their own ear and eye protection.  This is to ensure each member has equipment that is comfortable and clean.  Please speak with your instructor if you are unsure of what you will need.  These materials can be purchased at most places that sell hunting or sporting goods supplies.

b.      There is no official attire for the 4-H Shooting Sports program, but members should dress comfortably and for the weather (many programs will be held outdoors).  Please be sure to wear clothes that are appropriate for 4-H and other family events.  Members should wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes that completely surround their feet.

c.       Other equipment (firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, air rifles, targets, etc.) will be provided by the program.  Please see below for information regarding bringing your own equipment.

10.      I already own my own shotgun/air rifle/rifle/archery equipment.  Can I use it in 4-H Shooting Sports?

a.      Maybe.  4-Hers who already have their own equipment and wish to use it, should have the certified instructor inspect it to be sure it is safe and appropriate for the activities of the program.   In addition, firearms regulated under the FOID Act (rifles and shotguns) must be transported to and from the program under the control of someone who has a current FOID card.

b.      If you have not yet purchased your own equipment, and do not have a lot of experience in this area, it is recommended that you use the models provided at the 4-H program first to get an idea of what is comfortable and easiest to use. 

11.      Can I exhibit this project at the Bureau County 4-H Fair?

a.      Currently, there is a poster/display class for youth who wish to exhibit a shooting sports project at the Bureau County 4-H Fair.  It is important to note that fair displays may not include actual firearms, ammunition, or parts of firearms that could be reassembled.  There are also separate state and regional competitions available for youth who wish to test their shooting skills.

12.      How do I register for 4-H Shooting Sports?

a.      Contact the Extension office and let them know which program you will participate in.  The Extension office will send you a packet that includes all of the registration forms.  Forms and fees are due one week prior to the start of the program.

 i.      Required forms include:

1.      4-H Enrollment Form

2.      Youth Emergency Medical Form

3.      Liability Waiver

4.      Program Questionnaire

 ii.      Fees may be paid by cash or check payable to “4-H Shooting Sports”

13.      Can I serve as an adult volunteer with the Shooting Sports program?

a.      We are currently in need of additional volunteers in the following roles.  Please note that all volunteers will be required to complete the 4-H volunteer screening process and be approved by the Extension staff for their role in the program.

i.      Assistant Instructors – trained locally by certified instructors and coordinators; assist instructors with program.

 ii.      Certified Instructors – Attend training at 4-H Memorial Camp; certified to be a lead instructor in one or more of the disciplines.

 iii.      Additional volunteers may also be needed to assist with program sign in/registration, market the program, fund development, and other roles.

b.      Please contact Danielle Saletzki, 4-H Program Coordinator, for information on how you can volunteer with the program.