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4-H Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports

3. General Participant and Parent Information

Requirements for Enrollment

Youth wishing to enroll in the 4-H Shooting Sports Program must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 8-18 years of age as of September 1 of the current 4-H year if participating in archery or air rifle programs.
  • Be 10-18 years of age as of September 1 of the current 4-H year if participating in .22 rifle or shotgun programs.
  • Join a 4-H Shooting Sports SPIN (Special Interest) Club and enroll in the 4-H project related to their chosen discipline(s).
  • Be willing to follow the 4-H Youth Behavior Guidelines, respect and listen to the coordinator and instructors, and participate actively in all programs.

Specific enrollment deadlines and procedures vary by county, but all participants in the 4-H Shooting Sports Program must complete (and have a parent/guardian sign) the following forms:

  • 4-H Member Enrollment Form (all Shooting Sports participants are considered 4-H members)
  • 4-H Project Selection Form (instructors may fill out one form for all participants in the group)
  • Youth Emergency Medical Information Form
  • Acknowledgement of Risk and Release from Liability Form
  • Other forms as required by the local program

Program Fees

Fees for the 4-H Shooting Sports program vary by location, dates, and discipline(s) chosen. Participants in the Shooting Sports program must pay the annual 4-H Program Fee if they have not already paid this fee as part of another 4-H group (call your local Extension office for details).

Each discipline may also have separate fees for the use of equipment, ammunition, or facilities. Fees for specific programs will be announced when registration for that program is available.

Required Equipment

Unless otherwise noted on a specific program's registration, all equipment will be provided at the program. Youth who own their own shooting equipment (or borrow from a family member or friend) should check with their discipline instructor to determine if their equipment can be used in the 4-H program. Program registration fees may be less for youth who bring their own equipment.

There are no uniforms for the 4-H Shooting Sports program, but youth are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, closed-toed shoes, and will be required to wear safety equipment when participating in shooting activities. Participants should note the location of the activity (indoors/outdoors) and dress appropriately for conditions. Some programs require youth to provide their own safety equipment - your instructor will inform you of what is required when you register.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

Parents/Guardians of 4-H Shooting Sports participants are expected to:

  • Support and encourage their child's participation in club activities.
  • Ensure youth have transportation to and from program activities.
  • Model and encourage respect and appropriate behavior towards volunteers.
  • Follow 4-H Behavior Guidelines when attending 4-H events.
  • Refrain from using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while attending 4-H events.
  • Complete all registration paperwork and pay fees by established deadlines.
  • Attend parent information sessions when requested.
  • Notify volunteers when their child will be absent.
  • Parents may also be asked to support the club by providing refreshments, assisting with registration, helping at a fundraiser, etc.