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The Nutrition Nosh

Susan Glassman, Extension Educator, shares Nutrition and Wellness information and recipes to make life healthier!

Garden fresh green beans are in season!


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How do you prepare artichokes, they're in season!

Have you noticed artichokes in the produce section at the store? Well, most artichokes come from California and they are in season in July. Artichokes are the official vegetable of California and a member of the thistle family. The part we eat, the artichoke heart, is the bud of the plant. With fresh in season artichokes, the bud is a beautiful purplish-blue color located at the bottom of the b...

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What foods will you find at local farmers markets in July?

Remember, when you shop at a farmers market, you are purchasing what is in season right here in the Midwest. Buying in season provides peak seasonal freshness...

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Summertime Salads

Summertime Salads Summertime salads go perfectly with grilling. They can be an appetizer, side dish or main entrée. Enjoy purchasing fruits and vegetables a local Farmers Markets and capture the season on your plate! Use this basic salad formula, adding your choice of favorite vegetables and fruits. Combining flavors adds to the fun. Enjoy 2 cups of fruit and 2...

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Summertime Food Safety

You don't want to invite this guest to your next BBQ – Bacteria. Bacteria love hot weather and summertime parties! Follow these grilling and food safety rules to ensure you stay food-safe this season. Here are some grilling and BBQ food safety tips! For grilling: Begin with a clean grill, clean grates with a scraper or wire brush...

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