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The Nutrition Nosh

Susan Glassman, Extension Educator, shares Nutrition and Wellness information and recipes to make life healthier!

Cooking Meals at Home!

According to Rutgers Cooperative Extension, over the past few decades, Americans have been eating out more and cooking at home less often. If you have lost the zeal for cooking meals at home, don't fret! Have fun in the kitchen again! As summer changes to fall, set a goal to get back into your kitchen. Start by cooking at home two to three times a week. You will automatically enjoy the health b...

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Why test your pressure canner gauge each year?

It's food preservation season!  With all the work it takes to preserve garden foods, make sure you are off to successful canning season; get your pressure canner gauge tested. Reason for testing ; pressure canning is for low-acid foods. Low-acid foods include red meats, fish, poultry, and all vegetables, except for most tomatoes. Low-acid foods can suppo...

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