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News Release

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Youth are learning cooking skills across Bureau and LaSalle Counties

NEWS RELEASE – PREPARED BY Breanne Suarez, 4-H Youth Development Educator

Learning cooking skills is an important way to foster a more nutritious lifestyle. University of Illinois Extension Nutrition Education staff with the help of 4-H teen teachers are teaching cooking skills in fun and memorable ways when leading their Jr. Chefs School programs. The 4-H Teen Teachers are trained for their role and provide great leadership to the overall program.

During the 5 day cooking camp the students receive knowledge about the food groups, basic kitchen safety and skills, and have the opportunity to make recipes and try new foods. The students prepare a variety of recipes each day and have several tastings of new fruits and vegetables. Over the last few weeks, we have heard reactions such as, “I love it! Disgusting! I am going to make every recipe from the cookbook! I’d rather eat veggie chow mein for lunch than chicken nuggets! I never liked veggies before but now I do!” The students tasted things like dry herbs in dips, snow peas, ginger, pickled beets, plums, coconuts, coconut water and pineapple so you can understand why the reactions varied.

On the first day of camp students learn the proper handwashing techniques and the learning keeps going from there. By the end of the week they have acquired skills such as measuring both liquid and dry ingredients, folding, proper knife safety and cutting skills, grating and peeling, juicing and finally how to efficiently crack eggs.

All of the lessons build on the overall concept that teaching youth cooking skills and facts about nutritious foods will help them make healthy eating and lifestyle choices. We at the University of Illinois Extension hope this program encourages families to get in the kitchen together to prepare new recipes and not be afraid to try new foods. The cooking camps will continue throughout the month of July in Bureau and LaSalle County. For more information on Extension and 4-H programs, please contact the University of Illinois Extension, (815)224-0889. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate please contact (815)224-0889.  University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.


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If you have questions or need more information please call University of Illinois Extension, Bureau-LaSalle-Marshall-Putnam Unit at (815)224-0889.  Extension offices are located in Princeton, Ottawa, Henry and in Oglesby on the IVCC campus.




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