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News Release

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Marshall Putnam 4-H Achievement Night

Marshall Putnam 4-H Achievement Night


University of Illinois Extension Marshall-Putnam honored 4-H’ers from throughout Marshall and Putnam counties to celebrate a year of hard work, leadership, and dedication to personal growth on Sunday, November 4, 2018.  Marshall-Putnam 4-H would like to thank Henry Presbyterian Church for allowing us to have our award ceremony in their church.



Project Achievement winners receive a bronze medal, Service Achievement winners receive a silver medal, and Leadership Achievement  receive a gold medal.  The award level is earned by how many experiences the member completes in each area:

Bronze Clover Award: youth complete at least 1 experience in each of the four dimensions.

Silver Clover Award: youth complete at least 2 experiences in each of the four dimensions; at least 2 of those experiences must be at the County level or beyond.

Gold Clover Award: youth complete 4 experiences in each of the four dimensions; at least 2 of those experiences must be BEYOND the County level.  The four dimensions are participation, community service, leadership and project learning


The Marshall-Putnam 4-H members who earned the Project Achievement award are:

Connor Anderson-Henry Guys & Gals, Brynna Anderson-Henry Guys & Gals, Grace Anderson-Henry Guys & Gals, Kaitlyn Anderson-Henry Guys & Gals, Mikenna Boyd-PC Progressors, Molly Boyd-PC Progressors, Cadence Breckenridge            -Lostant Leaders, Sophia Brown-PC Progressors,

Ryan Carlson-Henry Guys & Gals, Marley DeWolfe-PC Progressors, Isabella Gaspardo-Henry Guys & Gals, Robert Gaspardo-Henry Guys & Gals, Tristan Harrison-Saratoga Leadaways,

Owen Hartman-PC Progressors, Alan Haskins-Henry Guys & Gals, Jaclyn Janssen-Wenona Highlighters, Cassie Johnson-PC Progressors, Sarah Johnson-PC Progressors, Piper Kammer-Lostant Leaders, Phoebe Kammer-Lostant Leaders, Jackson Knisley-Henry Guys & Gals, Elizabeth Knuckey-Henry Guys & Gals, Isabelle Knuckey-Henry Guys & Gals, Waylon Lindstrom-Saratoga Leadaways, Nolan Lucas-PC Progressors, Sam Nauman-Henry Guys & Gals, Cassi Petrimoulx-Wenona Highlighters, Dylan Petrimoulx-Wenona Highlighters, Tyler Petrimoulx-Wenona Highlighters, Eli Postula-PC Progressors, Cambria Pucek-Wenona Highlighters, Carter Pucek-Wenona Highlighters, Pacey Pucek-Wenona Highlighters, Pru Pucek-Wenona Highlighters, Taylor Rowe-Henry Guys & Gals, Ayden Serrine-PC Progressors, Kendra Story-PC Progressors, Michaelene Testin-Wenona Highlighters, Christina Wier-Steuben Rangers, Michaela Wier-Steuben Rangers, and Isaac Wujek-PC Progressors.


The Marshall-Putnam 4-H members who earned the Service Achievement award are:

Salina Breckenridge-Lostant Leaders, Isabella Brown-PC Progressors, Olivia Brown-PC Progressors, Jonathan Downey-Saratoga Leadaways, Kade Gensisi-PC Progressors, Heidi Harrison-Saratoga Leadaways, Justin Janssen-Wenona Highlighters, Ashley Johnson-PC Progressors, Athena Lindstrom-Saratoga Leadaways, Anna Mattern-PC Progressors, Nick Mattern-PC Progressors, Cassie Palm-Bennington Go-Getters, Quinn Postula-PC Progressors

Cohen Urbanowski-Lostant Leaders, Annabel Vincent-Lostant Leaders


In addition to the Experience awards, there were also special awards and honors that were presented. Each club is supposed to turn in their secretary books for judging. One secretary receives the honor of Outstanding Secretary for the year.  This year’s outstanding secretary is Grace Anderson of the Henry Guys & Gals. Her name will be placed on a plaque in the Marshall-Putnam Extension office.

Record books are a very important part of 4-H. It gives the members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work and helps develop written skills for all the records they will need to keep in their life. The junior Best Kept Record Book winner is Ryan Carlson of Henry Guys & Gals.  Our judge had a very difficult time choosing only one senior level winner. The senior Best Kept Record Book winners are Jonathan Downey of Saratoga Leadaways, Christin Wier and Michaela Wier both of Steuben Rangers.


4-H would not be possible without the hard work of our volunteers and leaders.  Those recognized for milestone years are: Joy Meachum and Sara Miles-one year, Shauna Breckenridge, Jamie Eilts and Helen Lenkaitis-Five years, Rhonda Downey, Ruth Hofstatter, Lisa Kull, and Lisa Palm-Fifteen years.


The Spirit Stick is a favorite of the members.  Each club presents a skit or sings songs to show their 4-H spirit. Creativity and group involvement is the key to winning the Spirit Stick. It was a tough competition with original songs, costumes, and a game show. This year’s winner is Henry Guys and Gals with their rendition of “Are you Smarter than a 4-H’er”.


The evening ended with refreshments from our host clubs, Lostant Leaders and PC Progressors.


Congratulations to all the Marshall-Putnam 4-H members.



If you need a reasonable accommodation, please indicate when registering.

For more information call University of Illinois Extension – Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, Putnam Unit Office at 815-224-0889. Extension offices are located in Princeton, Ottawa, Henry and in Oglesby on the IVCC campus.


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