University of Illinois Extension

Farm & Home Week

I DON’T WANNA LOOK: Jeffrey Lewis, 2.5 years old, seems reluctant to look at Sadie, the famous University of Illinois dairy cow that has a ‘hole in her side.’ His sister, five-year old Diane, feels no qualms as she inspects Sadie’s fistula at the Farm and Home Festival. Jeff’s mother, Mrs. Walter Lewis, explains to him that the fistula enables dairy scientists such as Bob Cook, right, to learn more about Sadie’s digestive processes. And the fistula doesn’t bother Sadie at all.
April 1961
Corn Planter Calibration Demonstration: EXPLAINS CALIBRATIN OF CORN PLANTER. Agricultural Engineer, Paul Bateman, second from right, explains how to calibrate a corn planter to change seeding rates during the first day’s activities at the University of Illinois Farm and Home Festival. Looking on are, left to right: Dennis Hays, Lextington; Tony Dilley, Colfax; Bateman; and Gaylord Craig, Colfax.
c. 1961
Disaster Feeding Display
c. 1961

1958 - Name changes from "Farm and Home Week" to "Farm and Home Festival".

Farm and Home Festival Pigpen
c. 1953
Farm Science Show Preview
December 1953
New Frontiers
c. 1953
Eleanor Roosevelt speaks during Farm ad Home week at the University of Illinois
c. 1942
Farm and Home Week animal disease display
c. 1940

1922 - Name changes from "Farmer's Week" to "Farm and Home Week" to incorporate the Department of Home Economic Sciences. "Farm and Home Week" becomes part of Illinois Extension programming.

1900 - First Farmer's Week event held by the University of Illinois.