This online course was created to inform participants about signs and symptoms of breast cancer, raise awareness of breast cancer disparities and the benefits of early detection methods with an emphasis on breast self-exams. The course includes in-depth instruction on how to conduct a breast self-exam using the five P's (based on the MammaCare® technique). It is expected that through this course participants will:

  • Identify at least three risk factors for breast cancer.
  • Differentiate between nodular tissue and breast lumps.
  • Learn the 5P's of breast self-examination: Palpation, Pressure, Pattern, Perimeter, Position

The benefit of this course is that it covers breast cancer education and provides short videos demonstrating proper breast self-examination technique. Course participants can learn about this important topic in the setting of their choice and at their own pace.

In the unfortunate event, that a participant discovers a breast lump while practicing the breast self-examination technique in this course, participants are reminded that breast self-examination is not a tool for diagnosis and they should seek immediate medical attention to address any health concerns.

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