Green Line Armor, LLC (Adams County)

Green Line Armor, LLC
West Burlington, IA

Background: Green Line Armor, LLC has over 20 years of experience in pallet building and sales. Primary products are corrugated packaging, fulfillment, pallet recycling, and a host of other businesses.

Business Description: Green Line Armor has over one million square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space with offices in West Burlington, Iowa; Jefferson City, Missouri and Pontiac, Illinois. Primary production facilities are in Quincy, Illinois.

Green Line Armor Hybrid Sustained Use Pallet™ (or SUP™) is an innovative solution. The design of their Hybrid SUP™offers substantial improvements over traditional wooden and plastic pallets, encapsulating the ends with a 100% recyclable, bio-composite material. The bumpers are molded under extreme pressure to achieve maximum strength, impact resistance and durability. The result? A high performing pallet with a long, usable life.

Exceptional Nature: Green Line Armor uses waste product from ethanol production and other production processes to add to the longevity of their product.

The pallet industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the U.S. because of the large number of trees used in production and short life span of most pallets. Pallets simply do not withstand the damage caused by today's shipping tools. Subsequently, the volume of pallets that entered landfills is tremendous. Pallets represent the eighth largest component of landfills in the U.S. The short lifespan of most pallets comes at a significant cost to the environment and the end user.

The majority of pallet damage begins in the lead boards, the "Achilles heel" of a pallet. Green Line Armor created a design for a protective bumper that would prevent lead board damage, improving the performance of the pallet.

Significant Results and Achievements: Green Line Armor was a 2009 Innovate Illinois early stage semifinalist. The purpose of Innovate Illinois is to recognize the important impact innovation has on our economy and promote companies taking risks to create new jobs. Innovate Illinois provides entrepreneurs with exposure to other innovators and potential investors. Also, Innovate Illinois highlights the state's efforts to promote entrepreneurship.