Dot Foods (Brown County)

Dot Foods
Mount Sterling, IL

Background Information: After 13 years employed in the dairy business, Robert F. (R.T.) Tracy had a vision of how to improve his customers' business and distribute products more efficiently. Through his ability to assess business situations from a fresh perspective, Associated Dairy Products (later renamed Dot Foods) was born.

Business Description: Dot Foods is the largest food redistributor in the U.S. Dot offers over 70,000 products from 500 manufacturers and delivers them quickly and reliably to a huge customer base of 3,300+ distributors. Dot Foods helps their customers, food manufacturers, to increase their sales by helping them to more economically sell to the hardest to reach, most costly customers to serve (less than truck-load customers). Dot Foods still operates under the same concept that R.T. originated in 1960, to provide a variety of products, delivered in one load, with one call, one order form and one invoice with the goal to improve our customers' business.

Why They Are Exceptional: Dot Foods has continued to stay focused on core values and principles that represent its small town roots while building a profitable and growing business. Dot has had unique success in keeping a healthy balance of providing for their customers, partners, community and employees. Dot Foods places a high priority on employee development through investment in both in-house training and continuing education courses. Dot also invests in its community by being a leader in charitable giving through generous donations to local charitable organizations.

Significant Achievements: In 2007 Dot Foods achieved over $2 billion in sales. Dot has a continual track record of profitability and growth, expanding its business into new markets such as equipment, retail and beef. The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) recently announced the Tracy Family, Dot Foods' founding family, as winners of the IFMA Distinguished Industry Achievement Award. The award honors individuals who have contributed to the growth and development of foodservice distribution through enlightened leadership and innovative management.