Princess Theater Corp. (Schuyler County)

Princess Theater Corp.
Rushville, IL

Background: The Princess Theater was built around 1916. The theater had closed sometime around 1990 and was reopened by the Princess Theater Corp. on September 10, 1995. The theater currently holds 272 people in the auditorium area. There have been some improvements to the auditorium as well.

Entrepreneurial Business: The Princess Theater is a mainly volunteer-run movie theater. The part-time theater manager is the only paid employee.

Exceptional Nature of This Business: The Princess Theater is exceptional because several residents of Schuyler County got together and developed a volunteer organization to provide a movie theater for the community, particularly for the youth.

Significant Results: For almost 13 years, The Princess Theater Corp. has successfully run a community-based volunteer organization. The theater is also an attraction for neighboring communities.