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III. Planting

Planting stock and planting recommendations*

  • Balled and burlapped (B & B)
  • Container grown stock
  • Transplant stock
  • Seedling stock

Dave Shiley, University of Illinois Extension

* From anecdotal observations:

  • Often persons planting container grown stock do not do a good job of spreading the roots and, thus, the trees never really establish well. Also the media that container stock is grown in is often very artificial compared to field conditions and will dry out very quickly while the field soil remains moist, even if mulched.
  • The root pruning is done for you if you plant balled and burlapped stock. Persons need to remember to cut off the rope and burlap on the top quarter or more of the ball.
  • Many landowners seem to recognize that they need to take better care of a seedling planting.

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