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News Release

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And the Winner is...

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, 4-H members and families were excited for the Cumberland County 4-H Achievement Program which was held at the St. Mary’s Church Hall in Neoga. The program was hosted by the Work & Play 4-H Club attended by 80 members and families.  

4-H members were recognized for their efforts for the 2016-2017 year.

Ellie Walk, served as Master of Ceremonies. 

 Olivia Dasenbrock was chosen as the Overall Outstanding First Year member.  She is a member of the Springpoint Rebels 4-H Club. Kristin Partlow of the Work & Play 4-H Club was the first alternate.  (Plaques were sponsored by the Our-Nite-Out HEA Unit)

 Josie Brockett of the Liberty Hill Rangers 4-H Club was selected as the Overall Outstanding 4-H member of the year.  Jarin Maxey of the Raisin’ Kane 4-H club was chosen as the first alternate.  (Plaques sponsored by the Hickory Corner HEA Unit)

 Macey Maxey, Raisin’ Kane 4-H Club, was presented the Outstanding 4-H Secretary’s Award. Nate Lacy, from Work & Play was chosen as the alternate. (Sponsored by the Gabby Gals HEA Unit)

 Nate Lacy, Work & Play 4-H Club, was presented the Outstanding 4-H Treasurer’s Award, with Cash Hurst of the Raisin Kane 4-H Club being chosen as the alternate.  (Sponsored by the Neoga Homemakers HEA Unit)

 Josie Brockett of the Liberty Hill Rangers 4-H Club was awarded the Cindy Moses Youth Scholarship.

 Ross Hemmen of the Springpoint Rebels 4-H Club was awarded the Outstanding Livestock Award. Keaton Lacy of the Work & Play 4-H Club was chosen as the Alternate Outstanding Livestock Award.

 Neoga IGA and Randy Flood were awarded the Partners in 4-H Award.

Also recognized at the Achievement Program was 4-H Hall of Fame recipients Vernon and Jane Miller.

 Harve Moses was awarded the Lifetime 4-H Supporter award.

 Trent Koester, Raisin’ Kane, was presented with the “I Dare You” Award.

 Kaitlyn Hemmen of the Springpoint Rebels 4-H Club received the Chad Swingler Memorial Award. (Sponsored by the Springpoint Rebels 4-H Club)

 The Springpoint Rebels 4-H Club was presented with the Scavenger Hunt Recognition.

  The Raisin’ Kane 4-H Club was presented with the award for Club of the Year. (Sponsored by the Greenwood HEA Unit)

 The Springpoint Rebels 4-H Club won the Club Attendance Award with having the most in attendance at the Achievement Program.

 Club Recognition for attaining Standards of Excellence went to Cumberland Kids, Liberty Hill Rangers, and Raisin’ Kane.

 Those members recognized for the Public Speaking and Food Demonstration contest were Mason Brockett, Liberty Hill Rangers; Jordynn Rowlee, Springpoint Rebels, and Taylor Huddlestun, Cash Hurst, Macey and Jarin Maxey, Raisin’ Kane.   

 First Year Member Awards of the 2016-2017 4-H year were: Khloe Brown and Jesse Osborne of Hurricane Hustlers; Ryan Koester of Raisin’ Kane; Shelby Morecraft of Horse Club; Ethan Meyers-Lewis and Riannon Neidigh of Liberty Hill Rangers; Ethan Beccue, Sydney Beccue, and Olivia Dasenbrock of Springpoint Rebels; and Kristin Partlow, Shelby Schumacher, and Sophia Schumacher of Work & Play 4-H Club.

 Cloverbud Member Awards of the 2016-2017 year were; Jessica Wersing of the Neoga Clover Buddies; Mason Ferris and Kenly Ferris of Raisin’ Kane; Alysa Dittamore, Emma Light, and Cole Dasenbrock of the Springpoint Rebels; Owen Lake of the Work & Play 4-H Club.        

Medals of Honor were presented to:

8 – 11 Years Old:

Achievement:                               Paige Dittamore                   Springpoint Rebels                      

Animal Sciences – large                Keaton Lacy                         Work & Play

Animal Science – small                Ross Ryder                           Hurricane Hustlers 

Food Nutrition & Health           Olivia Dasenbrock                Springpoint Rebels                            

Home & Family                            Sydney Beccue                     Springpoint Rebels                                                     

Mechanics & Technology               Will Romack                       Work and Play                                                   

Personal Development                    Kaitlyn Hemmen*                 Springpoint Rebels

Plants and Soils                            Paige Dittamore                    Springpoint Rebels                        

Environment & Nat. Res.              Ethan Beccue                         Springpoint Rebels                          

12 – 14 Years Old:

Achievement                            Ross Hemmen                         Springpoint Rebels          

Animal Science – large                 Jarin Maxey                             Raisin’ Kane

Animal Science – small            Jame Ryder*                            Hurricane Hustlers                                                                                   

Home & Family                       Delanie Romack                       Work and Play                                                                   

Mechanics & Technology         Cash Hurst                               Raisin’ Kane                                                                                             

Personal Development               Logan Edwards                         Cumberland Kids                      

Environment & Nat. Res                     Jordynn Rowlee                        Springpoint Rebels   

Plant & Soils                            Gracie Dittamore                      Springpoint Rebels         

15 – 19 Years Old:

Achievement                            Trent Koester                           Raisin’ Kane                                                                                              

Animal Sciences -  large           Jake Wente                              Springpoint Rebels                                                                                             

Animal Sciences - small            Macey Maxey                          Raisin’ Kane    

Community Involvement

& Global Awareness                 Jerik Bishop                             Liberty Hill Rangers

Food Nutrition & Health           Josie Brockett                           Liberty Hill Rangers 

Home & Family                       Emma Walk                             Work & Play

Mechanics & Technology         Jerik Bishop                             Liberty Hill Rangers                                                            

Personal Development              Breanna Edwards                     Cumberland Kids                                 

Environment &                                    

Natural Resources                    Jerik Bishop                             Liberty Hill Rangers


*Members that won in the same area consecutive years—members received Blue Award Certificates

Honor Member Awards

75 – 149 points

Khloe Brown                            Emily Carl                                Noah Carl

Matthew Deters                        Sarah Deters                             Brayden Dow

Brennan Dow                           Makenzie Flood                        Ryan Koester

Preston Lake                            Dalton Lewis                            Ethan Meyers-Lewis

Easton Rodgers                        Shelby Schumacher                  Austen Scott    

Jake Wente                              Lexi Will                                  Sami Will  

                150 – 249 points

Ethan Beccue                           Sydney Beccue                         Olivia Dasenbrock

Joleen Deters                           Logan Dow                              Breanna Edwards

Logan Edwards                        Jenna Flood                              Elise Hemmen

Kaitlyn Hemmen                      Ross Hemmen                          Wyatt Huddlestun

Cash Hurst                               Keaton Lacy                             Nate Lacy

Kristin Partlow                         Will Romack                            Jordynn Rowlee

Jame Ryder                              Ross Ryder                              Sophia Schumacher

Josie Scott                                Brody Titus                              Liz Titus

            250 -- 349 points

                Josie Brockett                           Mason Brockett                         Gracie Dittamore

Paige Dittamore                        Taylor Huddlestun                    Jarin Maxey

Delanie Romack                       Ellie Walk                                Emma Walk

 350 – 449 points

Trent Koester

 450 and above points

Macey Maxey 

Completion Members for the 2016 – 2017 4-H year were: Trent Koester and Macey Maxey, Raisin’ Kane; Sami Will, Springpoint Rebels; and Wyatt Steffan, Work & Pla

The newly elected 4-H Federation Officers for 2015 – 2016 4-H year will be:

Emma Walk – President                                                                                                                                           

Jenna Flood – Vice President                                                                                                                                      

Jame Ryder – Secretary                                                                                                                                                     

  Cash Hurst  – Treasurer                                                                                                                                 

 Elise Hemmen – Reporter                                                                                        

Logan Dow  – Recreation

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Local Contact: Jaylynn Maxey, Program Coordinator,