4-H in Shelby County

4-H in Shelby County

What is 4-H?

4-H is a youth organization that belongs to the members, their families, and other interested adults who serve as volunteer leaders. Professional leadership is provided by the University of Illinois Extension Staff. Support for 4-H programs is a joint effort of local organizations, county government, the University of Illinois, and the United States Dept of Agriculture.

In 4-H, young people share, grow and learn together from various projects, events and activities in informal situations under the guidance of their families and other volunteer adult leaders. 4-H gives kids a chance to learn New things, New skills, travel to New places, experience New situations, make New friends and most importantly – have Lots of fun.

Members can choose projects that fit them and the places where they live. Group activities and events such as trips, camps, fairs, shows, and workshops provide additional learning experiences and opportunities.

4-H is open to boys and girls who are ages 8-18 as of September 1 of the current 4-H year. The 4-H Year is September 1 through August 31. 4-H is open to everyone regardless of their race, religion, color, gender, or disability. How do you join 4-H?

Contact the Shelby County Extension Office at 217-774-9546. At the office, the staff can give you the names of leaders and clubs that are in your area. Clubs must meet at least 6 sessions during the year. Members elect officers, conduct meetings, make decisions, etc. Each member takes at least one project.