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  • Crop, Stock and Ledger
    Crop, Stock and Ledger covers a variety of agricultural and natural resources issues.
  • Home Yard and Garden Pest
    Provides timely information on insect, weed, and plant disease pests for landscapers, arborists, lawn care professionals, golf course personnel, and garden center operators.

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Kim Trine
Extension Program Coordinator, Ag and Natural Resources
University of Illinois Extension
210 W Washington
Paris, IL 61944
Phone: 217-465-8585
FAX: 217-463-1192

Clark County Master Gardeners

Clark County Master Gardeners

University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners are adult members of the local community who are interested in lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens, vegetables and the environment. You can become a Master Gardener if you are willing to learn about horticulture, share that research-based information with others, and volunteer at least 30 hours annually back to the community. The University of Illinois provides invaluable training and educational opportunities to assist you in meeting these goals. The annual training, usually beginning in January, involves 60 hours of online or classroom instruction over a period of 11 or 12 weeks. If you are interested in the Master Gardening program, please contact Kim Trine, University of Illinois Extension Ag & Natural Resources Program Coordinator, at or 217-465-8585.

  • Integrated Pest Management Modules
    IPM Modules are short videos informing you about newly emerging or prevalent diseases and insect problems in the landscape. Five modules have just been released and more will be added to the website throughout the coming year. We are currently releasing modules on Spruce Problems, Thousand Canker Walnut Disease, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Bacterial Leaf Scorch and Sudden Oak Death.