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Fayette County Master Gardeners

Fayette County Master Gardeners

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Vandalia's Little Community Garden

The Community Garden was initiated by the University of Illinois Extension Office in Vandalia in early 2002. The project has been carried out by Master Gardeners and other volunteers.

Mission Statement:

· The purpose of the Community Garden is to grow fresh vegetables and herbs which can be donated to local food pantries to feed needy families in the community.

· The Community Garden will also provide flowers which can be used in floral arrangements to be placed in hospitals, nursing homes, senior apartments and other places in the community.

· The Community Garden will serve as an educational tool to teach children and others about different plant species, and how to plant and care for vegetables and flowers.

· The Community Garden will provide an opportunity for people of all ages to work together for the betterment of the community.

· The summer of 2002 is the first year for the Community Garden, but there are plans to continue it in subsequent years. Soil improvements will be made and enhanced production should result in future years.

· The Community Garden is a not for profit project.

· The Community Garden will promote and practice organic gardening.

· The Community Garden is open to anyone who wants to participate.

The City of Vandalia made some vacant lots on Edwards Street available for the garden, and it also extended water to the site. The garden was plowed and tilled and sand, eggshells, coffee grounds, and horse manure were added to the soil. Seeds, plants, straw, mulch, and other items were donated to the project. Master Gardeners Sid File and Jennie Grimsley took the lead in directing and overseeing the project and numerous volunteers helped with planting, weeding, watering and harvesting the produce grown.

Children's Garden

Four different school teachers involved their students in the project. The experience taught the young people about gardening and the different varieties of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. There was a children's section of the garden where sunflowers, pumpkins and other flowers and vegetables were grown.

Flower Garden

Several varieties of flowers were grown in the garden. The flowers were made into floral arrangements and then donated to the local hospital, senior citizen apartments, and other facilities. More than 100 floral arrangements were displayed throughout the community during the year.

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