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Larry Haigh
Program Coordinator, Ag in the Classroom
University of Illinois Extension
916 W Seminary Ave
P.O. Box 163
Onarga, IL 60955-0163
Phone: 815-268-4051
FAX: 815-268-4058

Ford-Iroquois Ag in the Classroom

Ford-Iroquois Ag in the Classroom

Participating Classrooms

As of November 14 these are the classrooms who have participated in Ag in the Classroom programs, kits and other resources.

Katelin Barker - Clara Peterson

Rachel Basham - IW 1st Grade

Amy Bauer - Donovan PreSchool

Laura Birge - St. John's 5&6th grades

Christina Brown - IW HS

Jayme Curl - IW 1st Grade

Chris Denton - IW 2nd grade

Joyce Dorsey - Crescent city 2nd grade

Christina Duncan - IW 3rd Grade

Carley Eighner - IW HS English

Kim Eggemeyer - IW 2nd grade

Marilyn Geisler - IW Kindergarten

Amanda Gooden - Busy Hands Preschool

Amber Hamilton - IW 1st grade

Amber Harkins - IW 3rd grade

Deann Johnson - Woodland 5th grade

Amanda Kurtenbach - IW 1st grade

Rebekah Meyer - St. John's 1st grade

Patrick Miller - IW Kindergarten

Kristy Rader - IW 3rd Grade

Laurie Rodriguez - IW Kindergarten

Marsha Swan - IW 3rd Grade

Deb Talbert - IW 2nd grade

Carl Torbeck - IW 2nd grade

Sharla Waugh - Eastlawn 3rd grade

Megan Wilken - IW PreSchool

Kristin Wilson - GCMS Elementary Kindergarten

Karissa Yeagle - GCMS Elementary 3rd grade

Watseka Head Start

Paxton Day Care

Onarga Academy