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Champaign County Master Gardeners

Champaign County Master Gardeners

Garden Walk

2018 Garden Walk
Saturday, June 16
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Champaign County Master Gardeners invite you to their 24th Garden Walk on Saturday, June 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This year's featured gardens are located in Champaign, Urbana, and St. Joseph.

The theme is Beauty for All.

Please read below for gardens designed with accessibility in mind. All gardens on this year's walk will feature a drop-off zone at each entrance.

Tickets are available at:

Country Arbors: 1742 County Rd 1400 N, Urbana

Danville Gardens Too: 1413 N. Prospect Ave., Champaign

Illini FS Farmtown: 1509 E. University Ave., Urbana

Prairie Gardens: 3000 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign

Schuren Nursery: 1709 CR 2200 E, St. Joseph

University of Illinois Extension Office: 801 N. Country Fair Drive, Suite D., Champaign

Any Champaign County Master Gardener

Tickets will also be available at the garden locations on the day of the Garden Walk.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 the day of.

Proceeds from ticket sales for the Garden Walk are the main source of funding for the Champaign County Master Gardeners' projects and activities.

Dixon-Hunt/Hunt Garden

Located off Prospect Avenue, the gardens of Carol Dixon-Hunt and Daryl Hunt welcome visitors with a garden oasis. Designed from a partnership between Skip's woodworking and Carol's creativity, you'll find many creative gardening techniques you can take home with you. "Gardening is a creative outlet for me," said Carol. "I have always loved flowers, especially pinks, purples and blues. I grow cut flowers for my daughter who is a florist."

This garden has a flat grass yard, paving stones that may be irregular, a single step onto and off of a deck and a paved, sloping driveway.

Thornton-Walter/Walter Garden

Also located off Prospect Avenue, the gardens of Joy Thornton-Walter and John Walter features artistic sculptures which complement the landscaped gardens that are highlighted with tulips. Last fall alone they added over 6,000 tulips to their gardens. Joy explains, "Everyone knows that tulips are my favorites....lisianthus, corydalis, and salpiglossis are other small flowers I'm fond of because they're delicately lovely and unusual."

This garden has a paved, slightly sloping driveway, large flat grass yard reached by a slightly inclining (rolling), grass corridor. The yard can be viewed from the city sidewalk.

O'Dwyer Garden

Located off Pennsylvania Avenue in Urbana, the O'Dwyer gardens feature a collection of plants from friends and family that remain a constant connection each year they bloom. They are willing to explore and try new things, including raised beds that conceal a new French drain off their sump pump. The O'Dwyer's "design their gardens out of the hope of passing on a love of being outside and learning in the dirt for my daughters, just as my mother did for me."

This garden has a paved, slightly sloping driveway, a flat grass backyard and a walkway with paving stones.

Lampman Garden

Located in Urbana off IL 130 sits the Lampman garden, which features unique garden areas with different views from each window of their home. This garden will bring you insights for niches and planters and pots overflowing with creativity and wildlife. "We love how the plants and feeders bring in goldfinches, hummingbirds, house finches, mourning doves, and American robins.

This garden has a paved, slightly sloping driveway, flat grass backyard and paved patio.

Porter Garden

Located just next door to the Lampman Garden, the Porters like mixing 'floral with form' including features like a row of bird-houses dubbed 'birdie lane'. The Porter Garden has unique garden plants such as Datura, Chinese lantern, cacti and huge elephant ears. "Although our garden is for our pleasure, we are pleased by visitors that ask where we got this or that plant or idea."

This garden has a paved, slightly sloping driveway, flat grass backyard and paved patio.

Drew Garden

Located in St. Joseph, Illinois sits the Drew Garden, which features "nooks and crannies; available to all without the burden of architectural barriers." Paving stone pathways lead visitors to different "rooms" throughout the yard, creating a unique backyard sanctuary. "Designing garden areas and containers provides a creative outlet for me. I can easily stay outside working all day!" says Jolene.

This garden has a slightly sloping paved driveway and an even/level paverstone walkway throughout.

U of I College of Veterinary Medicine Poisonous Plant Garden

Located on St. Mary's Road, the Poisonous Plant Garden is beautiful in a non-traditional way. This living laboratory teaches present and future veterinarians and the public to recognize the appearance and potential toxicity of common Illinois native and ornamental plants that may be hazardous to a range of animal species.

This garden is on a flat grass area accessed from a paved parking area via a grassy, slightly inclined slope.

Champaign County Master Gardener's Idea Garden

Located on Lincoln and Florida, the award-winning Idea Garden was created to inspire and educate the community. Maintained by Champaign County Master Gardeners who contribute over 5,200 volunteer hours each year, the 15,000 square-foot-garden offers ideas on a variety of gardening topics.

This garden has a small parking lot with handicap spaces off of Lincoln Avenue. Paved sidewalks run through the center and around the garden's borders.

Join us for Garden Walk 2018 on Saturday, June 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.!