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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Estate Planning for the Perpetual Procrastinator

We all know that estate planning is important, but for many of us we put it off. We push estate planning off because it deals with the two most uncomfortable topics ever – death and money. For those of us who perpetually procrastinate, hopefully, these simple tips can help you get some of these important financial documents prepared. Updating Beneficiaries/Payable on Death Accou...

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What’s on Your Mind about Money?

Financial worries are often on people's minds. Finances can cause conflicts between family members and friends. Research studies even show being worried about finances decrease...

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Why I Stopped Tracking Most of My Expenses

Why I stopped tracking most of my expenses…

If you can believe it, I've been blogging for almost six years now. As a financial educator, writing these words on the internet might mean that I could be banned from the "financial educators club", but the fact of the matter is that for almost a year now I've struggled with tracking ALL my expenses, all the time. Maybe you're like me, tired of tracking every penny on an excel spreadsheet, eve...

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Let’s Talk about this more: Students Loan Debt for Adult Students, 60 and over

When I was in graduate school, I remember having conversations with my peers about the length of time it would take us to repay our student loans. For some of us, that meant closer to our proposed retirement years. For some older adults (60 and over), the realities of carrying student loan debt continue to increase. A report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau...

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How to Choose a Financial Professional

We can't be an expert in all topics. That's why we seek help from people who have expertise in areas we don't. Financial professionals can help you explore alternatives and strategies to best manage your finances. People seek help from financial professionals for a variety of reasons, and you likely will have different reasons over your lifetime. You might not have the e...

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Yes, college/career readiness is important, but do they have basic money management skills?

My Summit Experience I recently attended an employer summit that focused on how school districts, school counselors, and employers can collaborate in preparing students for life after high school. Some important highlights of that meeting was providing hands-on, accessible, relevant, and timely education and practical experiences for students. Experiences that are inno...

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A Kitchen Remodel: Excitement and Trepidation

This summer, my husband and I are starting a kitchen remodel project -- yikes! Our house is over 60 years old and the kitchen is desperate for an update. In the next few months, I will blog about our journey – hopefully, this will be helpful to others facing remodeling projects. Home remodeling projects can be scary to start! Since we bought our home, my husband and I have done several...

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