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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

America Saves Week – Just do it! Start to save or increase your savings now.

Take the steps not the elevator. Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk. Take the family for a Sunday walk rather than a Sunday drive.   It seems wherever we turn, there's someone encouraging us to increase our exercise and become healthier. And, the message is, "a few small steps can make the difference."   America...

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Mutual fund investing may get a little easier with shorter prospectuses

You know the drill--before investing in anything you're supposed to swear that you've received and read the prospectus. That's the small book in fine print that you get about any mutual fund that you invest in. I'd like a show of hands: How many of you read the prospectus for the mutual fund you picked in your 401(k)? How about your IRA? You're probably like the other 9...

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Valentine's Day - Could you save the money you spend for retirement?

Happy Valentine's Day! I was reminded of how much money we spend on extra little holidays as I prepared gifts for my children last night. While the spirit of giving is wonderful and the joy on their faces will be delightful, the money spent was enough "extra" to put towards the long term goal of retirement. One of the key reasons you often read people do not save for retirment is becaus...

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Tax Forms, W2s, Receipts--what do I do with all this stuff?

You probably have a stack somewhere--maybe a couple of them--where you're trying to get all the forms and documents you need to do your taxes. Isn't it fun? Right now might be a good time to actually do something about your recordkeeping system. (A system. Right. What a thought.) Start simple, with just a couple of files or containers: one for 2007 taxes, and one for 20...

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