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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Money Smart Week in Illinois

Finances! Do you ever feel like there's too much to learn and no place to start? I work in financial management education and I often feel like it's overwhelming. What's the answer? Just pick something specific, go to an event or read an article, and add a little bit to your knowledge over time. This is my strategy and I do think it makes a difference. I know more now than I did five ye...

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How to Tell If You Need a Budget

My feet are killing me. Today, I stood on them for nearly 8 hours while I led a train-the-trainer class for staff from several different Chicago-area social service agencies. What was so important that these agencies are sending their staff for two full days for training? Financial literacy . They want to help their clientele become better money managers and consumers. I...

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Higher Gas Prices and Staying the Course with Your Investment Plan

Higher prices for gasoline, energy for heating, food and other goods essentially imply the income of consumers will not have as much purchasing power as it did previously. An article today in the Wall Street Journal Online ( ) reports on how higher prices and the weakening...

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Is Your Financial Adviser One of America's Top Financial Planners? I am!

Posted by Karen Chan - Karen Chan

I'm one of America's Top Financial Planners! The Consumers' Research Council of America of Washington, D.C. says so! I got a notice in the mail, with the return address listed as State License Documentation in Simi Valley, California. SLD Industries is offering me a number of lovely plaques and table top awards priced from $169 to $229 that I may purchase to proclaim my inclusion in this select...

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