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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Planning the Perfect Getaway

Summertime – the perfect time to plan a trip and enjoy a vacation! Before you take your trip, take time to plan it. Plans can help you manage your money happily and increase the chance that everyone has a good time. Before you go, ask yourself some questions: Who is in your traveling party? What is the goal of your vacation? When and where do you want to...

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Step Down Your Expenses & Still Enjoy Life

Gas prices over $4 a gallon, food prices soaring, and just about everyone raising their prices! How can anyone manage? It's easy to get depressed about this and just throw up your hands and declare, "That's it! We can't do X anymore or anyway!" Well, before you give up on everything that makes your life fun, consider "stepping down" your expenses. Stepping down expenses means changing t...

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Simplifying Your Financial Life

There are times when managing my finances doesn't get in the way of the rest of my life. And then there are times when there's just too much going on, and I want everything in my life to be simpler!!! I can set up many of my bills to be automatically deducted from my checking account, or even billed to a credit card. I'll never be late paying, but I hav...

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Saving and Investing When You Have Special Needs Child

  My youngest son (a pre-schooler) suffered a serious brain injury in January due to an underlying medical condition. This was a very difficult episode for our family, and it included a six-week hospital stay in St. Louis, and now we find ourselves getting used to having a very different little boy in our family. Thanks to a wonderful team of doctors and therapists, as well as the sup...

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Preparing for a Layoff

Between my husband and I, we have received three "terminal contracts" or "pink slips" over the last several years, giving us notice that we would be losing our jobs. We were both fortunate that we were able to transfer to different positions with our employers and remain employed. But nonetheless, we went through the gut wrenching process of reviewing every expense to figure out where we could...

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