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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Take the Money Quiz (Dinero Mania) from Fiesta del Sol in Chicago

This weekend, Chicago will be the site of one of the largest public events for Hispanics in the country – Fiesta del Sol. While there will be lots of music and entertainment, one booth will be focusing on financial education on Thursday and Friday. University of Illinois Extension will be offering Money Mania (Dinero Mania) where participants can test their knowledge about saving, IRAs, a...

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Take Control of Your Finances

Do you feel like the financial world is spinning out of control? I feel like every time I pick up the newspaper or read a blog that another financial disaster has occurred. I do think our national economic situation is very shaky right now, but I don't like feeling that the world is ending! What can a person do? Most of us can't do anything about the stock market or stupid lending pract...

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Bank Failures, FDIC Insurance, and What the Media ISN'T Telling You

It was all over the news Monday and Tuesday. IndyMac Bank failed and depositors were panicked, lining up to take out their money. The media broadcast numerous stories like this: "I had $240,000 in IndyMac Bank and I lost $50,000 of it." I'd like to tell the other side of the story, the story of the people who didn't lose money and...

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Sticking with Your Investment Strategy in a Difficult Market

It's the middle of July, so by now everyone, even those who receive their investment performance information in the mail, has had a chance to look at the state of their fund holdings as of the middle of 2008. For most of us the news isn't good or pleasant. Many people with significant equity holdings in their funds have seen the value of their mutual fund holdings drop in the range of 1...

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Help someone you know get their Rebate (Economic Stimulus Payment)

I was on vacation last week, visiting with my family in Virginia. That's why this post is late. While we were relaxing and chatting about different things, I discovered that my nephew did not have to file income taxes this year - but he would be eligible for a $300 Economic Stimulus Payment if he did! All he has to do is file, and it's not too late! I'll bet th...

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