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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Retro Money Management: Lay-Aways and Bartering

Lay-away and barter -- are these "old-fashioned concepts" back in fashion? Dr. Elizabeth Warren reports, in the blog Credit Slips , "If we needed evidence of the constriction of consumer credit, here it is. K-Mart is advertising the layaway plan that department stores used for decades before the free flow o...

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A historical (NOT hysterical) view of the current market: David Sinow

David Sinow, a clinical professor of finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana--Champaign with years of experience in investments and advising clients, has provided an interesting and, I think, useful perspective on the current turbulent stock market. For most individual investors the first two weeks of October 2008 have brought a lot of bad news regarding the performance of their funds....

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IL Farm Economics Update: Impact of the Current Financial Crisis on the Ag Economy

Many of us from University of Illinois Extension are involved with economics -- whether it's family economics or health economics or agricultural economics. Some colleagues of ours have recently posted a series of articles that you may be interested in. The article, The Current Financial Crisis: How Did We Get Here?, I fo...

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Should I stop contributing to my retirement plan?

For years, I've done workshops for our own Extension staff encouraging them to enroll in the University's 403(b) plan. That's a voluntary retirement savings plan much like the 401(k) plans available for many employees of private companies. I'm always pleased when someone takes action and starts saving for retirement. But last week, I received this message: Hi...

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Supermarket Smarts - Money Saving Tips

Stocks, mortgages, and food prices -- all my! Sometimes I find it helpful to step back from those things I can't control (like the stock market) and think about things I can control such as saving money while shopping for food. Food costs increased by 4.8% in 2007, and increases in 2008 are expected to be greater. In the last year common food items that many of us buy all the time have...

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Dow Down 370 Points Today, 777 Points Last Monday: My Take

The stock market was Story #1 last Monday and again today with its significant swings both down and up. Newscasters were using words like "plummet" and "largest point drop in history." What does this mean to you? What should you do, or not do? Here's a short check list. If you chose you individual investments as part of an overall plan, selling should be done according to...

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