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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Getting Through Tough Financial Times

I have been thinking about financial wellness a lot in the last couple of months. On September 5 th , I wrote a blog, "Financial Wellness ... What does it mean to you?" exploring the definition of financial wellness. Over Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I had time to sit down and think thr...

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USA Today Says Majority of Financial Advisers Recommending Reallocating Assets

I picked up a copy of USA Today on Tuesday (Nov. 18) and noticed an interesting statement. Under a heading declaring "Financial advisers split on asset reallocations," a green piggy showed that 53% of financial advisers have "recommended asset reallocations to their clients because of the current economy." You might assume that this means financial...

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How's your asset allocation? Time to rebalance?

Most investors have their money divided between stocks, bonds, and cash. If you have a plan for how you invest, that plan probably gives a target asset allocation - the percent of your investments you want in each of those asset classes. Your target asset allocation may use more specific categories, providing percentages for stock in large US companies (large cap), small US companies (small cap...

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