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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

My Three Favorite Ways to Simplify My Finances

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying time with friends and family. Amidst all the chaos and excitement of the holidays, I have been feeling like I'd like to simplify some aspects of my life. Chaos and change, in short bursts, can be invigorating. However, when it comes to finances I prefer simply and boring! Here are my three favorite ways to simplify my finances....

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Madoff Investment Fraud: Could it happen to you?

Ponzi schemes. We've heard of them before. To me, it sounded like an old idea, something that probably wasn't used much anymore. But Bernard Madoff has shown us that the Ponzi scheme is alive and well, and on a scale that is almost unimaginable. The...

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TIME for a tea party

As I was deciding what to write about this morning, I asked my 4-year old for her thoughts about the topic. She said, please, can we have a tea party Mommy? I thought how does that relate to planning for the future. Well, here are my thoughts about how it relates more than one might think. The one thing saving for retirement and a tea party have in common is time. The earlier you st...

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Debit or Credit?

The question you used to be asked at the grocery store was, Paper or plastic? Now it's, Debit or credit? And I'm convinced that most people don't know what the question really means. I almost got into an argument with one person when she claimed that she could use her debit card as a credit card. NOT!!! The problem is, the question is misleading. And the cards look almost identical, since most...

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