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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Happy America Saves Week!

Happy America Saves Week! American Saves promotes saving money and reducing debt all year 'round but this week is a special celebration. Saving money sounds like a good idea. But, how do you save a dollar when you feel like you don't have a dime to spare? You need a goal that is important to you to work towards. You need to believe that small changes in behavior can make a big differenc...

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In the past week or so, I've had conversations with two people who discovered that their credit or debit card had been cancelled because it had been "compromised." The first person was alarmed, the second was angry. And neither really understood what was going on. Thus, the topic for today's post. What's going on? This is the most likely story: You made a purchase somewhere and as a res...

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Risk and your investments

Our Plan Well, Retire Well team recently ran a series of teleconferences for the average investor and saver titled "Saving and Investing in Turbulent Times." In the teleconference I spoke about the risk and how the market's volatility increases as we go into a period of adjustment and market decline. I used a graph of the standard deviation (a statistical measure of variation or dispersion) b...

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Contact Your Creditors Before You're Late

Paying bills on time might seem like a simple thing but it is something that many people struggle with. Sometimes the problem is being disorganized, but sometimes the problem is that there is not enough money to pay all the bills. Things can happen in our lives that we don't expect (whether it's reduced income or unexpected emergency expenses) that can make it difficult to pay bills on...

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