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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Smart Home: Green + Wired

For great ideas on how to save money and be green, visit Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry's new exhibit, Smart Home: Green + Wired . The house – and the exhibit is actually a full-scale house – is a modular home powered by solar energy and a wind turbine. E...

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Is it a good time to buy stocks? Real estate? Anything?

Last week at a workshop I was giving, one of the participants asked me if it was a good time to buy stocks. This is what I know for sure: This is a better time to buy stocks than it was a year ago, when the Dow was at 13,000. Right now, stocks are about 35% lower than than they were then. This is a worse time to buy than it was the first week of March, when the Dow hit...

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