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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

79 Weeks and Counting!

Currently the national law allows people to collect unemployment benefits for 79 weeks. 79 weeks is already an extension of the usual time limit for unemployment and, yet, legislation is being considered that would extend this benefit time. Why? Because many people have been unemployed for longer than 79 weeks, and the number of people unemployed continues to increase. According to a re...

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Healthcare Debate Moves to Facebook

Every day brings interesting new twists and turns in the healthcare debate. From Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst to more talk of death panels, the debate continues on and public opinion has become more polarized than ever. In my last blog, I told you if you sent me an email, I may include your comments in my next blog. Boy, do you have opinions. I received a cross-section of responses from health pr...

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Pension Plans At Risk: Employer Bankruptcies, Frozen Plans, Suspended Matching

Earlier this year, my husband's employer notified him that it was freezing his pension plan. By law, he will retain all the benefits he had earned up to that point, but his pension benefit is "frozen" at that level and will not increase. Additional years of service or pay increases will have no impact. At the same time, they suspended company matching contributions to his 401(k). None of this i...

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