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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Who Me? Ready to Save for Retirement?

My husband and I just had our 28 year anniversary; you can calculate that we're getting older! But do I feel like retirement is around the corner? No, it still seems like an abstract thought that is likely to happen someday but I can't really imagine it happening to me. So when will it feel like the right time to save for retirement? Today we spent time planning some new landscaping for...

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Looking for Cash? Have You Considered Refinancing?

Who couldn't use a little more cash each month! Refinancing your home mortgage might be the solution. Given today's economy, interest rates on home loans are relatively low. It may make sense for you to refinance your existing home loan. Or, it might not! Like most financial decisions, you need to think about the costs and benefits. Why do people take the time to refinance home...

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What is the State of Your Economy?

This week I attended the Smart Women Smart Money Conference hosted by the Illinois State Treasurer's Office. There were numerous workshops going on including one by our own Karen Chan. To my surprise, my next door neighbor, Shundrawn Thomas, President of Northern Trust Securities, did a presentation on the State of the Economy. I decided to sit in on his session. He provided historical data, in...

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More on the Changing Landscape for Post-Retirement Benefits

Legal scholars Richard Kaplan, Nicholas Powers, and Jordan Zucker detail the "increasingly troubled state of employer-provided health benefits for retirees" in a recent analysis. Their paper, published in the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics (Vol. 9, No. 2, 2009), is titled "Retirees at Risk: The Precarious Promise of Post-Employment Health Benefits." (A version of this paper is...

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