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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Online Banking - Is it a good fit for you?

Today we welcome two guest bloggers, Paige Luster and Jessica Sturdy, to share their insights on online banking. Jessica and Paige are Peer Educators through the University of Illinois Extension's Financial Wellness Program. Online banking, commonly referred to as Internet banking, is defined as the opportunity for customers to conduct financial transactions via the Internet. A...

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Earth Day -- Recycling Helps Your Finances

I have a lot of fond memories about Earth Day going back to the 70s when I met my soon-to-be brother-in-law at an Earth Day Festival to last week when I enjoyed talking with a group of older ladies about recycling and energy conservation. Over the years I have participated in many conversations about the importance of conservation. Clearly conservation is good for the environment, but have you...

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Money Smart Week 2010 Kicks Off This Week

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Annual Money Smart Week kicked off this weekend. For those who don't know, Money Smart Week is a big event in Illinois. Every year, financial professionals from across the state offer over 400 free financial management workshops and activities at libraries, schools, churches, and community organizations to youth, adults, and seniors. Today, I attend...

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Add to Your Knowledge during National Financial Literacy Month

New laws and regulations, a blitz of ads about financial products, the economy in a spin ... just how are we supposed to learn about finances AND then apply it to our lives? At times it's truly overwhelming! My only solution is to keep adding to my knowledge bit by bit by reading, talking to others, and attending presentations. Across Illinois, people have the opportunity to add...

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More Roth Conversion Questions

There are more great questions from readers. Let's see what we can learn. Question #3 – "The Cream in the Coffee" Rule I have several vexing questions, but most of all about your statement regarding "having to add together the balances in all of your tax-deferred IRA accounts, and calculate the proportion of that total that is from nondeductible contributi...

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Your Roth Conversion Questions Answered

Several of you have sent questions about Roth conversions since my previous posts: The (New) Rules and...

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