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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

17.24% or 24.9% -- how does this rate of return sound to you?

Unlikely – for investments today! For the APR on a credit card this is typical but outrageous. Why do we accept paying these high interest rates on credit card bills? Just think about the potential of investing the money spent on interest into a long-term investment. Every day that you pay on a credit card balance with a high interest rate you are losing the opportunity to invest...

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Where Should You Invest Your Retirement Plan Savings?

Occasionally I get asked "how do I decide which investments are best for my retirement savings plan?" In turbulent times like these, that's actually a very important question. Through research and personal experience, I have found that there are several factors that need to be considered when choosing investments. Elements such as time horizon, risk tolerance, and market exposure should be care...

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Stock market turbulence is a reminder to check your asset allocation, risk tolerance

Perhaps you were blissfully unaware of yesterday's wild ride on the stock market. But if you were following the news, how did you react? Were you panicked, thinking that you wished you didn't have so much of your portfolio in stocks? Perhaps you intended to rebalance your portfolio after the market gains over the last several months – selling some of your stock investments and boosting bo...

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