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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Are You Prepared to Separate from Your Employer?

Leaving an employer can bring about a range of emotions from elation to depression. Whether you are leaving your employer voluntarily or involuntarily there are key things you need to be aware of to make your transition as smooth as possible. 1. You may experience an emotional impact . I am currently doing a series on "Getting Through Tough Financial Times" at one of the...

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Who You Gonna Call? Financial Professionals, That's Who!

You have bills to pay, your savings for a down payment on a home are miniscule, and retirement is a blurry dream at the moment. How can you balance all of these financial goals and make them a reality? Managing money is not an innate skill and often it makes sense to turn to expert help. Whether you're looking for help with your taxes, choosing investments for...

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